Lose Weight With Self Hypnosis 6 Pack in MP3 Format

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Lose Weight with Self-Hypnosis
in MP3 Format
M. Ron Eslinger, RN, CRNA, APN, MA, BCH, CMI, FNGH
Captain United States Navy Retired

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Long before Date Line was the TV Program and Tom Nicoli the Hypnotist,
Capt. Ron Eslinger, USN Retired, Created THE OPTIMAL Weight Program for the Navy. It is proven effective with thousands to improve health, decreases stress, promote weight reduction and improve sleeping habits.
Hypnosis is proven to reduce cortisol. Cortisol creates a craving for sugar and salt. Cortisol is caused by stress. Hypnosis is the best method of reducing stress therefore reducing cortisol, which enhances weight reduction through life style change.
Looking Your Best 1 – CD # 1
1. Introduction – Learn proper breathing, mind/body responses, explaining hypnosis
2. Optimal Weight – The Body – Progressive relaxation, guided imagery (beach scene with ocean waves) and hypnosis are used to inspire behavior modification for weight management.
Looking Your Best 2 – CD # 2
1. Self-Esteem and Weight Reduction – The Spirit – Progressive relaxation and guided imagery (walking through a meadow) to give post hypnotic suggestions of acceptance, confidence, and self-worth while reaching your optimal weight.
2. Creative Visualization and Weight Reduction- Body, Mind, Spirit – A guide to visualizing in the mind the behaviors needed to reach the goal of looking and feeling your best by increasing activity and developing healthy eating habits.
3. Freedom From Stress – A progressive relaxation recording that aids in removing stressful eating habits. Sleep better, feel better and experience the healing power of stress free leaving. The National Institutes of Health endorses the benefits of self-relaxation techniques in health and wellness.
Healthy Eating 1 – CD # 3
Bio-rhythmic music at 60 beats a minute with underlying Theta tone to create healthy, relaxing, eating changes for your Optimal Weight; Direct suggestions and metaphors for eating fruits, vegetable, lean meats and increasing physical activity. Feel your clothing getting larger as you get slimmer. Watch those inches just melt away.
It is time you felt good about you. You are worthy of looking and feeling your best.
Healthy Eating 2 – CD # 4
Reinforcement of Healthy Eating # 1 with suggestions to eat 6 small healthy meals or three small meals and three healthy snacks each day and to drink one half your body weight in ounces of water.
Bio-rhythmic music at 60 beats a minute with underlying Theta tone to create healthy, relaxing, eating habits for your Optimal Weight. Direct suggestions and metaphors for eating fruits, vegetable, lean meats and increasing physical activity.
It has helped thousands – Let it help you!
CD # 5
Emotional Eating
1. Emotional healing and the color orange. Feel the release of tension, anxiety and stress as you imagine this warm, magnetic orange liquid flowing through your body collecting the baggage of emotional eating from your past replacing comfort food with healthy nutritional foods.
2. From Spring to Stream – Decreasing and letting go of emotional tributaries that that add baggage, weight, anxiety and over eating to our lives. Your new beginning as you let go of old emotional baggage, melting away pounds and eating properly and sparingly reaching your optimal weight.
Underlying tracks include:
• Biorhythmic music for relaxation
• A Theta tone to entrain the brains Hypnogogic state
• Low volume subliminal suggestions for weight management
• High frequency underlying suggestion for weight management
Subliminal – CD # 6
Gentle Bio-Rhythmic Music with Underlying Suggestions for reaching your optimal weight. These suggestions are from CD # 1. Suggestion are safe to listen to while driving or during other activities. Just quietly play in the background while working, driving, or sleeping and feel the excitement and confidence of positive and healthy change.
CD #6
Subliminal Suggestions may help the hypersensitive neurotransmitters and nerve endings to work to the client’s advantage. The format should aim at banishing negativity or frustration. For extremely analytical clients subliminal tapes can be a way to open the mind to the power of subconscious change.


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