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Ron Eslinger’s
Hypnotist’s Guide for


Certified Master Instructor

Ron Eslinger, RN, CRNA, APN, MA, CMI, BCH, FNGH
CAPT United States Navy Retired


Developed for Hypnotists to Offer Self-Hypnosis Workshops

Self-Hypnosis Training Part 1

This program teaches a 6-hour class completed over 2-nights, 3 hours each.
The Instructor can set the class schedule in any way that meets their needs. The outline provided is a suggestion only and may be adapted by the instructor.
You can divide this class up into any time frame that works for you. From a one day, all day to a weekly one hour a night class. Be as flexible as you want to be.

Getting Started:

6:30 Introduction with Ice Breaker I use the coloring book provided

•How I got started in Hypnosis (a little about yourself and becoming a hypnotist)
•Hypnotizability questionnaire and a short review with explanation.
•What is hypnosis? (You can show/use the slide presentation a video or what you feel comfortable with)
•Self-Hypnosis demonstrations (Scripts Provider)
  • Magnetic Fingers
  • Lemon Guided Imagery
  • Arm rising and falling (optional from NGH Book One)

•Experience hypnosis with Progressive Relaxation induction (on Resource CD)

Take a break about 90 minutes after you start, if you are setting up in three hour classes. Success formula (on Resource CD)
8:00 Break
8:15 Coue`s Law for Suggestibility (Resource CD)
•Mindfulness (Scripts Resource CD)
  • Breath
  • Raisin (Provide your own)
  • Marble (Provide your own
  • Music (Provide your own)
•What the Bleep – Scenes 9&10 (Available at

9:20 Home assignment (Resource CD)
  • How Vulnerable are you to stress?
  • Self-Assessment of current Issue for change
  • 6-Frame Self-Hypnosis Goal Statement
9:30 Adjourn

Self-Hypnosis Training Part 2


6:30 Q&A and Review ask specific questions and Bleep
  • Demonstrate relaxing breath
  • Demonstrate pre-sleep thinking
6:45 Reaching the Sub conscious
  • Do a relaxation with silent time. ( see video)
  • Handout Eslinger GIFT (resource CD)
  • Review Bruce Lipton on 98% of the time we are operating out of the subconscious and he discovered that we can access it through meditation and hypnosis.
  • Go over Coue` Self Talk

7:15 Water video (From the Bleep)

7:20 Create a positive affirmation using the 6 criteria
  • Positive, Simple, Believable/Realistic, Present Tense, Measurable, Has a reward
  • Use your BASIC Assessment and the 6-Frame goal achievement handout.

7:45 Techniques for mindfulness review Practice self-hypnosis

8:15 Break

8:30 Creating Statements for Change – Every action statement requires an image
•I am Calm, I am at peace, I am in Control
•I am Calm, I am comfortable, I am Happy
•I am Healthy, I am Happy, I am Comfortable
•I am relaxed, I am comfortable I am in Control
Class write an action statement that fits your need or needs.
  • What else can you use?
  • Practice action statements for the student`s specific issue.
8:45 How to use Positive affirmations, these are the affirmations that have the 6 criteria (Resource CD)
9:00 Review what we are doing and why hypnosis is evidence based.
  • Develop your happy / favorite / safe place
  • Creating Images of what you want and pretending in your imagination that you already have ti
  • Negative vs Positive Suggestion
9:20 Evaluations (Resource disk)
  • Certificates (Resource Disk)

9:30 Adjourn

Self-Hypnosis Class Materials

Class Materials located on your Resource Disk #3

1. Instructor’s Materials

        a. Agenda go-by for self-hypnosis class

        b. Coue’s Law

        c. Script: Marble

       d. Script: Progressive relaxation

       e. Script: Relaxing Breath

       f. Script: Lemon and Magnet Fingers

       g. Self-Hypnosis Information for publication

       h. Success Formula

       i. What is self-hypnosis PowerPoint

       j. Also includes templates for name tags, notes pages, registration

2. eBooks for instructor

      a. The Hypnotist’s Guide to Profitable Self-Hypnosis Workshops A Trainers Guide Ron Eslinger

       b. Marketing Starts Here a self-study with review Questions by Ron Eslinger

       c. Auto-Suggestion: My Method by Emile Coue’

      d. Answer Key to marketing quizzes

3. Student Handouts

      a. Agenda

      b. Auto-Suggestion: My Method by Emile Coue’

      c. Basic Assessment

      d. Certificate go-by

      e. PowerPoint presentation What is Hypnosis

      f. Evaluation

      g. How Venerable are you to stress questionnaire?

      h. Self-hypnosis pre-sleep technique

      i. Self-Hypnosis Programing Suggestions Exercise

      j. Self-Hypnosis Goal Setting PowerPoint

      k. Suggestibility Questionnaire

      l. What is Self-Hypnosis PDF to print and give to students?

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