The Hypnotist Session Plan on DVD


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“A 21 Step Blueprint for Success”

Your success as a Hypnotist is dependent on your client`s success no matter what the presenting problem. In my first hypnosis class I was told there were four parts to a hypnosis session.

1. Induction

2. Deepening

3. Utilization

4. Emergence

These were basically the same steps I used when doing anesthesia, however, there was a crucial step missing and that was the client interview. In anesthesia without the interview I did not know what type of anesthetic nor medications to use.

In hypnosis the interview is the fact finding guide to an individual`s uniqueness and needs. I have divided the first session into 21 steps to ensure success for the client and guide post for the hypnotist. This blueprint has worked for me for over 30 years and I am sharing this session plan with you.

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