Best Practices for Surviving Stress Workshops


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Package includes everything you need to teach a stress class

Surviving Stress Workshop Includes

1.  Instructor’s Guide 
2.  Best Practices for Surviving Stress Manual
3.  Best Practices Surviving PowerPoint to accompany video
4.  Cost, Implications and Prevention ‐ PowerPoint to Accompany Video
5.  Best Practices for Surviving Stress Booklet ‐ PowerPoint to Accompany Video
6.  2 ‐ DVDs Best Practices for Surviving Stress Presentation
7.  1 DVD Cost, Implications and Prevention
8.  DVD ‐ 7 Techniques in Mindfulness
9.  CD ‐ Relax with Nature
10.  CD ‐ Survive Stress
11.  CD ‐ Stress Management Resources 



Module One: Getting Started
How Vulnerable are You to Stress?
Understanding How the Body Responds to Stress

Module Two: Understanding Stress
What is Stress?
Understanding the Triple A Approach
Module Two Review Questions

Module Three: Creating a Stress‐Reducing Lifestyle
Eating Properly
Sleeping Well
Module Three Review Questions

Module Four: Altering the Situation
Understanding the Limbic System
The First A
Identifying Appropriate Situations
Creating Effective Actions
Module Four Review Questions

Module Five: Avoiding the Situation
The Second A
Identifying Appropriate Situations
Creating Effective Actions
Module Five Review Questions

Module Six: Accepting the Situation
The Third A
Identifying Appropriate Situations
Creating Effective Actions
Module Six Review Questions

Module Seven: Using Routines to Reduce Stress
Planning Meals  Ten Foods That Relieve Stress?
Organizing Chores
Using a To‐Do List
Module Seven: Review Questions

Module Eight: Environmental Relaxation Techniques
Finding a Sanctuary
Using Music
Seeing the Humor
Module Eight: Review Questions

Module Nine: Physical Relaxation Techniques
Soothing Stretches
Deep Breathing
Tensing and Relaxing  Meditation
Module Nine: Review Questions

Module Ten: Coping with Major Events
Establishing a Support System
Creating a Plan
Knowing When to Seek Help
Module Ten: Review Questions

Module Eleven: The Challenge to You
Creating a Stress Log
Week One: Recording Events
Week Two: Identifying Stressors and Creating a Plan
Week Three: Creating New Habits
Reviewing and Evaluating  Module Eleven:
Review Questions

Module Twelve: Wrapping Up
Words from the Wise
Recommended Reading List 

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