Smoking Cessation Workshop


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Smoking Cessation Workshop

This Smoking Cessation Module is a Complete Clinical Hypnosis Model for Hypnotists ready to enter a new level of success with clients who smoke. Let the experience of our success become your success.

The training is designed the Certified Hypnotist who is ready to advance his/her ability while enhancing the client`s success. Success breeds success and increases income. This DVD training module includes a lecture on smoking and the current research with Chantix and other Nicotine replacement products. You will receive a resource CD with hundreds of article and scripts about hypnosis for stopping smoking. There are multiple handouts for your clients.

Bonus # 1: A 4-session step by step protocol book which includes everything needed for working with smoking cessation clients.

Bonus # 2: Four audio sessions with a real client by Ron Eslinger.

Bonus # 3: PowerPoint teaching program that can be used to educate your community and clients as well as starting group sessions.

Smoking is no longer acceptable. The effects on health and wellness were not even and issue 10 years ago. However, preventive health is becoming more in vogue as health care costs are getting out of hand. I created this Advanced Stop Smoking Program to give the practicing hypnotists a clinical tool chest for expanding business.

This smoking cessation module can be teamed with other preventive health programs in this series such as weight management and stress management as a marketing tool for community health.

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