DVD Set Hypnosis for Pain Management Certification Course – 3rd Edition

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Hypnosis for
Pain Management
Home DVD Study Course

Approved for 20 ANCC CE credits & 24 NGH Credits

Certified Hypnotists may apply for Certification in Pain Management


When you add pain management to your practice your practice can grow exponentially!
You’ll make your money back from your first client.

Learn Hypnosis for Pain Management from a Certified Master Instructor

Ron Eslinger, RN, CRNA, APN, MA, CMI, BCH, FNGH

CAPT United States Navy Retired

Participants will learn the use of hypnosis and related relaxation techniques in the management of pain using hypnosis (The power of the clients own mind) as a means of providing the client with a renewed sense of controlling his/her disease rather than being controlled by it.

Learn the why and how hypnosis works so successfully with chronic pain clients with the emphasis on the clinical practice of hypnosis involving physician referrals in an outpatient setting.

Specific methods of pain control in the treatment of acute, chronic, and post surgical pain will be presented.

Learn the differences between acute and chronic pain, both physiologically and psychologically.

This course covers the study of hypnotic techniques for the treatment of

  • Stress Induced Headaches
  • Vascular Headaches
  • Migraine Headaches
  • Chronic Post Surgical Pain
  • Cancer Pain
  • Labor & Delivery
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Back and Neck Pain
  • Tic Douloureux
  • Post Surgical Pain; Why it occurs and the how to manage,
  • Back and Neck Pain
  • Temporomandibular Disorders
  • and other specific pains

This pain management course will help you

  • Increase the breadth of your practice by helping your clients to overcome chronic pain
  • Increase the profitability of your practice
  • Position yourself as being the expert in pain management
  • Work with physicians and other health professionals, getting you more referrals for other issues as well
  • Working with just one client will pay for the entire cost of this course


Tab 1 –  Instructions and Enrollment Key to Access Online Exam
· Articles
¨Introduction to HypnoAnesthesia for Pain Course
¨The Influence of Hypnosis on the Autonomic Model

Tab 2 – PowerPoint Presentation

Tab 3 –
A Complete 4-Session Hypnosis Program for Pain Management

Tab 4 –
·My Method Emile Coué
· Your Business A Blueprint for Success – M. Ron Eslinger
· My Journal – Mesmerism in India – James Esdaile

Tab 5 –
Videos and CDs
· DVDs 1-9 – Training Lecture DVDs

· DVD 10 – Training Demonstration DVD
· DVD 11 – Hypnosis Convincers
· DVD 12 – Resolving Knee Pain
· DVD 13 – Client Sessions Preparing A Client for and EMG

· DVDs 14-16– Client Sessions Margie`s Shingles
· DVDs 17-18 – Client Sessions Phantom Limb Pain
· DVDs 19-20 – Client Sessions Psychogenic Pain
· CD 21 – Dental Implant
· CD 22 – Music With Subliminal for Pain Management
· CD 23 – Freedom From Pain
· DVD 24 – Resource / Data DVD – For Computer


Pain course take homes:


Online Course and DVD course does not offer AANA Credits

1. 20 Continuing Education Credits CRNAs and RNs
2. 150 Page Syllabus which includes
a. The course PowerPoint
b. A complete 4-session hypnosis program
c. Scripts
d. Other assessment forms
e. Bibliography
3. A Resource Data DVD with thousands of articles, scripts and courses
4. Access to eBooks
a. My method by Emile Coue´
b. Your Business a Blue Print for Success
c. My Journal – Mesmerism in India
d. Breaking Free of Pain
5. Free on-line access to 14 clients pain sessions, techniques videos and CDs
a. Training Demonstration DVD
b. Hypnosis Convincers DVD
c. Knee pain DVD 1-session DVD
d. Preparing for EMG 1-session DVD
e. Shingles 3-sessions DVD
f. Phantom Limb Pain 4-sessions DVD
g. Psychogenic Rib Pain 2-sessions DVD
h. Back ground music with subliminals CD
i. Freedom form Pain Session CD
6. Free On-line Pain Certification testing for Certified Hypnotists


Continuing education credits for RNs

Healthy Visions is an approved provider of continuing nursing education by the Alabama State Nurses Association, an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation (ANCC) Code 5-133. One (1) CNE credit awarded for each 60-minute contact hour. 


Certified Master Instructor

Ron Eslinger, RN, CRNA, APN, MA, CMI, BCH, FNGH
CAPT United States Navy Retired



“I really enjoyed your HypnoAnesthesia for Pain Management Course. The video was well done and almost like being there. I am hoping to be able to attend a seminar in person this year. I appreciate having the video here to refer to as I encounter a variety of clients. As always the information easily translates to different types of clients as well.” – Linda Coulter

“This is one of the best Hypnosis Courses I have taken. Its` given me everything I need to further my career in Pain Management. I have learned so much, Ron is a 1
st class teacher. His presentation is outstanding and course content and materials are excellent. I would recommend this course to any student who wishes to further their career in Pain Management Hypnotherapy. It truly is the best. Thank you Ron for being my teacher and helping me to take my career to the next level.” – Janet Pickard, CH

“I purchased your Pain Management Course at the NGH and I have to tell you how happy I am I did! It has given me many tools in which to deal with pain and as a result, and perhaps more importantly, the Confidence when dealing with chronic pain. I also attended a couple of your seminars at the convention and found them to be a great source too. I thank you for your commitment in putting together this fantastic course and look forward to seeing you in the future.” – Bill Gerlach, CH

“I loved it I feel that I have gained insight and more effective tools for pain management. I`m looking forward to incorporating this knowledge into my work. The course exceeded my expectations and I even got a personal call back from the instructor when I had a question!” – Corena Jacobs

“This is by far the most informative hypnosis program I have seen and every time I watch it I get more and more out of it. Thanks. You have really helped to accelerate my training.” – Allan Clews (NGH) B.A. (Psychology), B.A. (Religious Studies, Ct.H.

“I will recommend this course to everyone I will meet in the field. Thank you very much!” – Rudy Nooijen, C.Ht.Netherlands

“Thanks Ron for the training I received from you. It enabled me to help a client who is anxious as he is about to undergo a triple by-pass and mitral valve replacement.Using your pre-op scripts and the pain management script for afterwards. He is already feeling more calm and confident about the upcoming surgery.” – Mary von Posch



Work with medical professionals using hypnosis as a tool for the health and wellness of their patients (your clients)

The door for hypnotists to work with multi-disciplinary pain management teams has been opened by the Joint Commission for Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO).

JCAHO set standards for the assessment of pain and states that alternative non-pharmacological methods for pain management be used by all hospitals.

I will show you how to introduce hypnotic techniques to multi-disciplinary pain clinics and hospital health promotion departments.

This is the only pain management course that teaches the four non-pharmacological pain control (holistic) methods and their relationship to hypnosis.

Four session model

This course will show you to successfully perform hypnotic intervention sessions for patients in four sessions using a comprehensive step-by-step model.

1st session Developing client rapport; managing client expectations, client Intake,contracts, inductions, scripts, success formula & ego states and much more to ensure success during the first interaction.

2nd session Step-by-Step dynamic process (most important of the sessions); Homework, prep them on self talk, Coue, Glove anesthesia, control techniques.

3rd session – Client directed, imagery, visualization, metaphors, demonstration, discussion.

4th session – Client controlled with reinforcement and monitored practice.
Case studies and actual recordings of client sessions is included!

Through Demonstration and Case Studies, the participant will be introduced to the following

  • How simple words and hypnotic suggestions can change the pain perception.
  • Mastering Pain is to understand the differences in the nature and management of chronic and acute pain.
  • Pain can be sorted into three main types: Acute, Chronic, and Cancer pain.
  • All who suffer from pain have a right to pain relief.
  • Hypnosis can dramatically alter an individual’s perception of pain, and its value as a clinical technique has been well documented.
  • The importance in controlling pain is to limit suffering and to preserve hope.
  • Empowering The Pain Client by Releasing Their Inner Pharmacy EMS System (Endorphins, Melatonin, Serotonin).
  • Toxic tongues equal toxic outcomes.

The definition approach

Hypnosis, as evidenced by its multi-centennial history, is one of the first and foremost enduring modalities in the management of organic pain problems.
In proper perspective, hypnosis may not only relieve pain, but may also help to maintain the dignity and the well being of the patient/client without dependence on large quantities of medication.

Also included


  • Non-pharmacological models of pain management
  • When pain is no longer our friend
  • Answering questions sent in from newly certified hypnotists
  • The importance of using and teaching relaxation and stress management to pain sufferers
  • Overcoming sleep disorders – Sleep better, feel better, guaranteed
  • Demonstration with group participation
  • Weight management & nutrition and pain management
  • Smoking/tobacco cessation and pain management

Hypnosis is not a Complementary approach, but a Psychological Therapy for pain management.
Learn how and why Hypnosis is the most flexible non-invasive treatment model for dealing with pain.
Hypnotists will be surprised to learn that they have already mastered the three basic ingredients to insure success.
But you don’t have to be a hypnotist or hypnotherapist to take this course, it is all in here.

The end result

  • You’ll learn a step-by-step blue print for sessions one through four for working with clients and/or groups
  • You’ll learn the use of hypnosis in a clinical practice
  • You’ll learn to have client/patient demonstrate the physiologic effect of hypnosis
  • You’ll learn a four-step model for pain management
  • You’ll learn the importance of cell memory and regression in pain management
  • You’ll learn the importance of varied hypnotic inductions in pain management
  • You’ll learn the value of the word comfort


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3 reviews for DVD Set Hypnosis for Pain Management Certification Course – 3rd Edition

  1. 5 out of 5

    Cris Johnson:

    This course is the most complete course of any ‘niche’ topic in the field of hypnotherapy that I’ve encountered. The information is clearly explained, the techniques easily understood, and best of all Ron provides real-world personal examples of using the techniques and the science behind WHY it works. So much of hypnosis is taught with the attitude of “just believe,” but I want the nuts and bolts of how this stuff works. I’ll be investing in many more of Ron Eslinger’s materials. Wayyyy underpriced.:)
    -Niagara Falls, NY United States

  2. 5 out of 5

    David S. Ezzell, CH, NLP:

    **A Wonderful class taught by Ron Eslinger**
    This class is wonderful and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to further their career in Hypnosis.

    Captain Ron Eslinger is the KING of Pain Relief!!!

    A great opportunity to learn from Ron A Master Certified Instructor.

    I’ve learned so much and have used Ron’s techniques to help myself and many other individuals relieve discomfort using Hypnosis.

    Thank You Ron for your time and knowledge!!
    -Knoxville, TN United States

  3. 5 out of 5

    Janet Flowers, PhD, LPC, LADC:

    This was a wonderful course. It was explained well and easy to understand. The examples were very clear and easy to understand. I would recommend this course to others.

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