Hypnosis: Putting the Imagination to Work


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Hypnosis: Putting the Imagination to Work

Second Edition
By M. Ron Eslinger, RN, CRNA, APN, MA, BCH, CMI, FNGH
Captain United States Navy Retired

Designed for those interested in learning the basics of hypnosis.
This Book covers the why and how of using hypnosis, guided imagery and creative visualization for better health and well being.
In depth yet easy to read.
If you are looking for a drug free alternative to stop smoking, lose weight , stress management, childbirth or pain management.
Or are a medical professional, professional hypnotist, personal trainer, psychologist working with patients or clients or just interested in drug free therapies.
The explanation and benefits of using the immense powers of the mind for healing are here with proven techniques for self-hypnosis.
This eBook is for you.
With chapters covering:
  1. Guided Imagery
  2. Creative Visualization
  3. How does hypnosis work?
  4. The phenomena of hypnosis
  5. The four phases of hypnosis
  6. The conscious and subconscious mind
  7. The limibic system and why it is important
  8. Rapport and suggestion
  9. Hypnosis as an adjunct to anesthesia
  10. Legal considerations
  11. Scripts for Progressive relaxation, stopping smoking, weight loss, stress management, pain relief.
If you want to improve your knowledge of hypnosis, kick a habit, control your pain, help others using no medications (or as an adjunct to medications, consult your doctor) this eBook is complete with scripts, tools and case studies to take your personal or clinical skills to the next level.

What people have said:
Well, I told you that mom scooped up your book and went off reading it…..well. I walked in her room and she said….”Have you read this?” I said “No, you took off with it”
She said “sit down I want you to read this”….. THEN….. she said I have laughed until I cried. I can just see this happening..knowing the family involved…. she said she knew about you doing that to Patti and how unhappy your mother was. (I had heard a little myself but not the details) SO I sat down and read then….. laughed until I cried…….April heard us and came back to see what we were laughing at…she will read it later. I only read the first chapter, then mom took it back she has already read several chapters.
Glad you understand the process now.
Just HAD to share this with you…….

Michael R. “Ron” Eslinger

Captain, USN, Retired, RN, CRNA, MA, APN,

BCH, CMI, FNGH, Registered Nurse, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, Master of Arts,

Advanced Practice Nurse, Board Certified Hypnotist, Certified Master Instructor of Hypnosis, Fellow National Guild of Hypnotists

Hypnosis is based on research and reports from the National Institutes of Health, universities, and healthcare institutions. Hypnosis is about the use of words and one`s willingness to accept suggestions. Rudyard Kipling stated, “Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.”


Hypnosis: Putting the Imagination to Work covers the author`s hypnosis experiences in healthcare institutions, the military, and in private practice. Capt. Eslinger served onboard six navy ships, Desert Shield/Desert Storm and in multiple hospitals including areas of pain management, childbirth, and health promotion.


CAPT Eslinger, discusses the benefits of hypnosis, its history and misconceptions, who can be hypnotized and the hypnotic brain, the Limbic System and the biology of hypnosis. Included are articles, scripts and techniques to help the reader understand and use hypnosis for a healthier and happier life.

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